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RECON-PRO AML-1000 RECON-PRO AML-1000 Full Operational Versatility Technical Specifications RECON-PRO AML-1000 pdf

Full Operational Versatility

  • MILITARY: Rapid deployment for mines, UXO, and IED search.
  • HUMANITARIAN: Highly dependable with deep detection capability.

  • Optimum Detection Sensitivity: Low metal content targets to large
    metallic items are detected in ALL soils and shallow water with full detection capability.
  • Advanced Pulse Induction Technology: Allows operation in ALL soil conditions (including areas withconductive stones) with minimal and fast adaptation. Use additional fine tuning control for extreme soil conditions.
  • No Assembly Required: Simply remove from its case and the RECON-PRO® is ready for operation!
  • Adjustable Operating Length: Three camlocks allow operator to extend the telescopic shaft and lock in various lengths to best suit the search environment and/or the operator. Detection work can be done in standing, kneeling or prone position. Interchangeable assembly allows user to quickly exchange search heads.
  • Easy and Accurate Pinpointing: A special pinpoint function is provided to identify the size, shape and position of large buried targets.
  • Compact Design: The RECON-PRO easily collapses and folds to a compact size for storage in its backpack or watertight transport case.
  • Deep Search Capability: The RECON-PRO’s standard search head had excellent detection depth on small targets.
  • Optional UXO search head: Use for locating larger and more deeply buried objects. Includes surface debris elimination.
  • Selectable "salt/surf zone" mode: Eliminate false responses from surf action.
  • Simple Control Design: Operational controls are designed for simple function initiations. Operators can quickly set up the RECON-PRO as required and fully concentrate on detection tasks.
  • Sensitivity Control: Operators may select a sensitivity setting (7 preset levels) to suit their search requirements.
  • Tone ID: Detected metal objects provide a low tone for most ferrous and a high tone for most non-ferrous indications.
  • RFI Noise Elimination: With a single button press, interference from RFI sources is automatically scanned and eliminated.
  • Triple Detection Alert: A built-in speaker is provided along with an LED bar graph display for target signal indications. Our headsets can be connected to the detector and will function with speaker On or Off.
  • Adjustable Audio Threshold: Adjustable level allows operator to enhance detection efficiency.