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AT Max Garrett A.T. Max is our most versatile and advanced all-terrain VLF metal detector. Instructional.
Garrett AT MAX Instructional Video
Part 1 (US Version)

This first part of the instructional video introduces Garrett's AT Max, followed by instructions on the assembly of the metal detector.

  Garrett AT MAX Instructional Video
Part 2 (US Version)

Basic Controls, Z-Lynk Wireless Operation, Target Information, Selecting Modes, Audio Tones and Iron Audio Features, Notch Discrimination, High-Resolution Iron Discrimination, Volume Adjustment, Audio Threshold Adjustment, Frequency Adjustment, Sensitivity Adjustment, Backlight.

  Garrett AT MAX Instructional Video
Part 3 (US Version)

Ground Balance and Automatic Ground Balance Window, Pinpointing, Bench Tests, Search Tips, Fresh Water, Saltwater and Underwater Operation, Battery Replacement and Care, and Accessories.



Four Civil War Plates!

This footage is from a recent hunt in Virginia where the Garrett team was testing the AT Max. On this day, we are joined by four of the five Hoover Boys, and the hunt turned out to be spectacular! In addition to a number of Civil War bullets, buttons, and old coins, four of the group (Kurt, Bob, Steve, and Bill) manage to dig U.S. box and breast plates.

  The AT Max Coin Quest Challenge

Garrett puts a group of diggers to the challenge of seeing who can dig the oldest coin with the new AT Max detector. Join Relic Recoverist, The Hoover Boys, and Nugget Noggin as they compete in a multi-day field test to claim top honors.

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